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Simple Squarespace Websites


Are you...

...starting up on a budget?

...a new or experienced blogger looking for a simple platform?

...running an online store and just need an online space you own? need of a simple, manageable website?

You need a Simple Squarespace Website.

The no-frills, just-the-basics, easy-peasy website. It's literally just one page. Delivered in a week. No joke. 

But... how?

Let me explain, mi amor: 

  1. I send over a couple questionnaires to getyour branding info (don't worry if you don't have this yet), your business info, and what you need to have on your website (including verbiage, documents, photo galleries, etc.). This is the hardest part, but I make it really easy for you and I'm always available to help if you need it. 
  2. We pick a timeline, including one week for edits. 
  3. I take all pieces you gave me and wave my magic designer wand. 
  4. VOILA! Website!

Easy. Peasy.

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Simple Website BUild

Time to completion: 2 weeks (1 week to design, 1 week to edit)

This is great for folks who have a brand established already, have a really clear focus and are ready to get online. 

  • 30 minute creative brief
  • One page website, 5 sections
  • Existing social media accounts connected
  • Existing brand implemented
  • One week of edits
  • 30 minute end consult
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Branding Intensive Add-on

90-minute one-on-one intensive to develop brand and website content

This is great for folks who don't have a brand yet or aren't sure what to put on their website. Or for those who are picky and want to have a hand in building their website.

  • 90 minute live, one-on-one Skype call
  • Brand build (including logo, color scheme, typography, custom elements such as social media icons)
  • Content creation



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