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A website isn't just a website. It's not an online billboard.

It's a hugely versatile tool. And done correctly it can be highly profitable for your business either in time saved or sales made. (or both!)

I want to help you get your business online in a big way. That starts with a website. But it definitely doesn't stop there. From content creation to branding to marketing, a website can open doors for your business in ways you've never imagined.

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm a techie and a dreamer.

I noticed a need for a really comprehensive website solution for small businesses that doesn't cost a literal fortune. A website is not a set-it-and-forget-it ordeal. To get your investment's worth over and over again, you need a comprehensive web presence and a solid strategy. 

That means a lot of moving parts. 

Enter: me. 


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Full Custom








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Transformative Financial

Patrick is starting up his financial planning service business and needed a Full Custom Website to promote his business online, since he is not restricted geographically.

Patrick did great research into keywords and how to write copy for his business website, and he's a hobbyist photographer so all the scenic photos on the website are ones he took and edited personally. Going into this project, I had a huge database of photos, all the copy for the website and a logo which helped me create a seamless website that will help him promote and grow his business.


TLC Events

Tara is a single mom, starting her business on a shoestring so the One Page Website was perfect for her to get started. She came to me with a logo and a vision and I helped bring it to life. She wanted something that showed attention to detail, wasn't too busy, and could grow with her business. Her spirit animal is a dragonfly and one of her favorite things is fireworks, so we incorporated both.



Christiane is a Realtor from San Francisco. She found me through my YouTube channel. Her old website was difficult to update and out of date. We created a streamlined design, classy listing pages and an easy maintenance plan. 

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sacred Pathways to Healing

Michael came to me with a few different websites, none of them working for him. We recreated his brand based on the imagery he provided, came up with a color scheme and an organized way to present his servcies. He also has an easy form for clients to connect with him via his website. 

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LifeStyle Managers

Charmaine was rebranding herself as her own company in the personal assistant field. She and her employees offer services to clients who want to outsource the mandatory tasks in life in order to free up time for fun.

Charmaine's vision of a black and gold, luxe feel was communicated through elegant photos and filters, gold and black accents, and a streamlined, uncluttered layout. 

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Lori Carey Coaching

Lori came to me when she started her coaching business. She wanted a funky, midcentury vibe while also being professional. 

Her business needed a website to promote her services, give her audience a way to connect with her and give her a platform from which she can launch her online services. 

We built a webinar funnel, email marketing with a free opt-in, and a payment processing system. 

Redefining Royalty portfolio pic.png

redefining Royalty

Brooke's vision of a princess website came to life with a soft pink color scheme, rose gold glitter and banners with scripty text. She wanted a website to showcase her unique experiences and new perspective on life, and she needed a place to connect with the people who want to hear her story. 

She is also promoting products and books to enhance her reader's lives and also bring in passive income for her business. 

She will eventually use this website as a landing page for booking speaking engagements, finding coaching clients and selling her own products.

Dirty Dozen portfolio pic.png

The Dirty Dozen Donut Shop

Joe came to me after he had intended to create his own website, but found he didn't have the time. During our consultation, he expressed his love of classic movies, donuts, and making people smile.

His website reflects his love of old movies with images and subtle inclusion of quotes. See if you can spot all 4. He had already designed a logo, so I created the font and color scheme based on his existing logo. I made it fun, without being overly color saturated, and the circle buttons reflect the shape of donuts. We also developed an online pre-ordering system and included lots of information about the menu, the ingredients and the business itself.